Specification Portal

For collaboration in a fast-paced development and deployment environment (eg, devops), the members of each service development team need an effective mechanism for communicating business requirements and results. While code is the primary mechanism for developers (and testers), business analysts are typically not conversant in the coding language. In addition, often the requirements are not directly implementable or testable. More precision is required. The Service Specification provides the common language for all members of the team for maximum collaboration.

The Everware-CBDI Service Specification Portal is a web-app designed to facilitate the accurate translation of business requirements into testable code and to communicate available/consumable service-based functionality across an organization. It also supports organizational standards to ensure consistency and compliance. All members of the team are able to contribute to the incremental development of the service during agile cycles as User Stories are detailed. The specification can be handed off to a development team for implementation or submitted to the Agile Service Factory (ASF) for more rapid provisioning.

The Portal specification is also the authoritative source for each service and has a multitude of downstream advantages. The specification metadata can be easily fed to other repositories, such as EA, wiki or discovery tools, and its richness more completely describes the processing and expected results enabling independent development of a full set of test scenarios in parallel with software development.