Service Provisioning

Many organizations view the development of services as no different from developing “regular” software with emphasis on getting to production and much less emphasis on maintainability. That’s unfortunate but may explain why the promise of shared services and software reuse has been difficult to achieve.

At Everware-CBDI, we view services through the lens of standard patterns, consistent implementations and sustainability. Sustainability means that these services have high-quality code-bases – little to no Technical Debt and a complete set of automated tests. These are critical characteristics for shared assets to maintain continuous operational health and be responsive to change.

Our approach to service provisioning is to bake these qualities into every service. It begins with a sound, evolving service architecture that establishes the framework for a consistent service portfolio that meets requirements for security, performance and other architectural considerations. Service specifications support collaboration across stakeholders and provide a full-lifecycle platform for functional enhancements regardless of development approach. We then apply our Agile Service Factory® to accelerate each coding cycle and reduce the cost/impact of technical refactoring.

Collectively, the elements of our approach ensure sustainability and responsiveness of the service portfolio over time while significantly improving development productivity.


Service provisioning