Service Oriented Application Modernization

Legacy applications are increasingly unable to meet business requirements for increased responsiveness and multi-channel access. Most organizations are further hampered with applications containing redundant, inconsistent capabilities and antiquated architectures or technologies that leave them vulnerable to security breaches or unable to take advantage of the cloud. It’s no wonder that the majority of IT budgets is devoted to maintaining the legacy portfolio with little left over for modernization.

Application technical and functional debt typically grows until applications become virtually unmaintainable and a decision is made to replace them. Unfortunately, many modernization approaches – such as re-platforming (“lift and shift”), COTS replacement, or outsourcing – are fraught with risk and rarely leave the organization in a fundamentally better place.

Everware-CBDI’s approach to modernization is grounded on a capability-driven, service architected approach that incrementally delivers public/private cloud-ready software components. The approach is managed by a Transition Plan, guided by our Service Oriented Application Modernization™ (SOAM) methodology and supported by our integrated toolset, the Agile Service Factory® (ASF). In combination, these address the challenges of accelerating modernization and achieving portfolio agility – at scale. By integrating microservice architecture, agile methods and automated development, we achieve significant improvements in delivery cycle-time and software quality with commensurate reductions in project risk.