Service Architecture and Engineering® Methodology and Knowledgebase

No organization is immune from the forces driving digital transformation. The ultimate objective is to achieve enterprise agility – the ability to respond quickly, yet strategically, to new market forces and other imperatives. Failure to respond in a timely manner will lead to loss of competitive positioning and/or mission failures.

Everware-CBDI has distilled the critical success factors for agility and provides guidance to organizations on how to achieve it. One of the core principles of agility is modularity (think: Legos). At the center of our approach is our methodology for modularization: Service Architecture and Engineering® (SAE). SAE addresses all of the prerequisites for successful modularization including organizational, architectural, and technical factors. It is founded on a Reference Framework and is implemented in an incremental manner.  World leading organizations have realized hundreds of millions of dollars of benefits from adopting SAE and have documented their experience with the process in books.

The diagram below illustrates a framework for building out a custom roadmap for maturing an enterprise SOA capability.  The key aspect of our approach is a focus on developing organizational capability to drive full lifecycle service management expertise, not just the technical capacity to deliver operational services.


SOA Adoption Roadmap Model v2


CBDI Journal Archive

From 2002 into 2012, we published the CBDI Journal containing detailed research and best-practice guidance supporting service architecture, governance and other related topics.  These articles formed the basis for the SAE Methodology and initial Knowledgebase.  For a list of the Archive contents, click here.