Enterprise and Solution Architecture

Modern organizations require flexibility and consistency to meet their regulatory or customer demands. Architecture is the key to managing complexity and achieving agility. However, many Enterprise Architecture (EA) programs are compliance or ivory-tower exercises with no real impact on business direction or operations. Moreover, IT organizations have created a multitude of applications that are difficult to modify and integrate. Poor Solution Architecture means that business-needed changes are difficult to apply and the cost of maintaining applications is high with little business benefit.

Everware-CBDI helps large organizations create the organizing frameworks that are essential for coherent IT support to the business. We work with EA teams to develop and evolve capability-based architectures focused on providing value to the business and simplifying IT operations. The results are implementable architectures that align with business imperatives, provide structure for IT decisions and evolve along with the business requirements.

We help our clients build a portfolio of software applications through Solutions Architectures based on services (microservices). This portfolio approach focuses on the services needed and rationalizes these assets into a shared, non-redundant set of resources to assemble into solutions. By building each capability only once, cost (TCO) is reduced, change is facilitated, and consistency is assured.