Managing complexity and change requires a framework that organizes the components of an enterprise or system (of systems) in a way that is understandable and manageable. An effective modern IT architecture is modular and robust yet is flexible and responsive to organizational change and technological advances. Modern software development approaches, including Business Process Management, Services/Microservices, Event-Driven, Decision Modeling and Scaled Agile, all depend on sound architectural principles for their success. For example, architecture is recognized as the key to enabling agile development on a large scale by synchronizing and guiding the work across multiple agile teams to increase consistency and overall software quality.

Today’s highly-focused incremental, iterative development approaches leave organizations vulnerable to producing a set of disparate point solutions that may have difficulty scaling or integrating as needs change. Architecture provides the consistency and standards needed to ensure that everything fits together – from data naming and definitions to service boundaries and dependencies. Architecture provides clarity to development teams and improves solution delivery by reducing refactoring and eliminating redundant development.

Architecture is also a critical component of successful portfolio modernization, transitioning monolithic legacy application functionality into a comprehensive suite of shared capabilities. Platform trends are leading organizations towards lower-cost, open-source and cloud-based solutions. An architecture-driven modernization approach guides the transition and supports the incremental delivery of functionality as an increasing share of the legacy portfolio is replaced.

From transformational Enterprise Architecture to Solution Architecture based on a portfolio of Microservices, Everware-CBDI is a recognized world leader in applied architectural best practices. Our Service Architecture and Engineering® methodology has enabled many leading organizations to move toward enterprise portfolio agility and save hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. Our Agile Service Factory® has improved architectural agility due to its ability to rapidly apply new architectural standards across a portfolio of services. Whether you are building new applications or modernizing legacy ones, Everware-CBDI can support you with strategic and tactical architectural expertise.


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