Agile Service Factory®

Everware-CBDI’s Agile Service Factory® (ASF) Software Development Accelerator is a practical implementation of best practices, design patterns, and tools that enable a software development team to rapidly provision flexible solutions. ASF is suitable for any large-scale service-based development program, but is especially suited to scaled agile development environments applying a microservices approach, where the business or technical requirements are evolving, and a high degree of consistency/reuse is needed to deliver long-term business value.

Within a scaled agile approach, the ASF seamlessly supports the design, construction and implementation of functionality. Feature Teams iteratively specify User Story functionality in the Specification Portal and submit the service to the Factory which applies the current platform configuration, producing a codebase ready for developer extension. Typically, we find that the ASF can automate 80% or more of the code that goes into production. That code is 100% standard, highly consistent and easy to understand – making staff assignments more flexible and greatly reducing time to deployment.

The ASF is initially setup with a basic configuration targeting a common technical platform. That configuration is continuously enriched and specialized as needed by project Architects and technology SMEs. The ASF can then be rerun against completed services thereby automatically updating the platform code to the latest configuration. That capability along with the structural separation of platform code from functional code significantly de-risks the typical platform churn with a dramatic reduction in effort spent refactoring Technical Debt.